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 The Body Armor Direct Backpack Panel

This bullet resistant backpack insert is designed to be inserted into any backpack.  You can also use it in a briefcase or laptop bag. This bullet resistant panel uses the same ballistic materials as our vests that is rated to NIJ level IIIA, which would protect the wearer from handgun threats up to .44Mag. 


Our bullet resistant backpack panel measures 10 inches by 14 inches or 12 inches by 17 inches for larger backpacks. 


Our bullet resistant backpack panel, like our ballistic vests has a 5 year warranty.


It is legal to travel through an airport with your backpack insert. The panel is approximately 3/4" thick and does not have to be removed from your backpack when going through TSA scanners. This makes it extremely convenient for travelers looking for a little more protection when they are away from home.

NOTE: The National Institute of Justice does not certify backpack armor, however, we are using the same certified ballistic package as our vests.