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T shirt vest

I was impressed with the overall comfortability of this t shirt vest especially ots lightweight.

Express T Shirt

Fits great and provides the protection I need

Peace of Mind...

....this Body Armor Vest, is what I had hope it to be...easy fitting and wearable, very comfortable under my uniform! Does not accumulate heat increase under my clothes! I have a great sense of protection, without discomfort!👍

Very pleased,

Leather Multi Threat Jacket

Fits Nice. I like the feel of the Smooth Leather . Great Jacket !

Great quality arrived on time

Robert Guthrie

Very quick shipping and a quality patch for my gear.


I had to send it back for the right size and it fits perfectly. Very light and comfortable.

Met expectations

I purchased this insert for my son’s school backpack, a North Face Jester. The fit is perfect, and I’m satisfied with my purchase. I had previously sought to purchase a similar item from another retailer, but the sale was canceled due to availability issues. Body Armor Direct sent the product well ahead of their stated delivery estimates.

Expert Plate Carrier
Bryce Gabaldon

Awesome carrier

Expert Plate Carrier
Thomas Billings
perfect 🥰 💞 👌 🥰 💞 👌

I would recommend this item to everyone for professionally protect yourself with this vest 😉 👌 😀 !!!!!


Well made!

Well made very strong. They should last a very long time.

Victory Plate Carrier
Brandon Shilts
Best out there

It’s really great plenty of places to add whatever gear the plates fit my frame well

Nice fit

Nice fit and snug. Will hold plates in place. Great customer service. Will buy more items in the future.

Truly Concealable and Truly Comfortable

I operate a business where I have a lot of face to face interactions with customers that would not expect me to be wearing body armor. So, true conceal-ability is a must for me. The threat of a firearm confrontation is quite unlikely for what I do, but in this current work that we live in, who knows…That said, this is not my first set of armor and not my first “low-vis/concealable” armor. Nonetheless, this is the best I have owned or seen. I have the Lightest IIIA+ version and even with a regular T-shirt on top of the armor, the people interact with in a daily basis doesn’t even have a clue. Moreover, I can wear the armor for a 12-14 hours days without it ever becoming uncomfortable . With other concealable armor that I own, I definitely would not be able to use it unless I put a jacket over and would definitely become uncomfortable after a few hours. This is one of the best truly concealable and NIJ certified armor money can buy.

Express T-Shirt Carrier
Robert Donegan
Perfect fit

It fits and wears great

Advanced Plate Carrier
Raymond Gonzalez
Advance Plate Carrier

Good fit, weight of plates are balanced very well, easy to adjust. I wear mine daily and I find it comfortable to wear during my shift.


No where near as heavy as I thought it would be. I am completely satisfied 👍🇺🇸

Love the fit and comfort of this concealable vest. Thin and definitely concealable

Awesome Vest

My Body Armor Tactical outer carrier fit very well. This a high quality vest. You will not be disappointed with the fit and quality.

Armor Carry Bag
Steven Burns

The bag works great

Great quality and service

The helmet seems well made and fits right. It took me a minute to figure out the strap adjustment. I don't have a reference point for long term wearability but it seems like a typical MICH style helmet. Everything I've bought here has been solid quality, and to some extent you can find that from many suppliers once you know what to expect at what price point. What sets this company apart is the level of personal service and response to questions. They have always gone the extra mile to make good on discount codes or other issues and they seem to also have an ethic of taking care of repeat customers. That was always the case with the best brick and mortar retailers, especially with family owned small businesses. It's still somewhat rare in the online environment, and deserves to be called out for that reason.


I love mine it fits very well multiple ways to adjust fitting. Shipping took a little long but wasn’t BodyArmors fault weather delays caused this. Worse it on duty for a weeks and feels comfortable. If you like your vests tight the side panels can be a little uncomfortable since they don’t bend to your sides. Definitely would recommend if you are wanting a level III vest

Great product arrived in leas than a week.

Very smooth

My order/purchase went seamlessly.
I actually ordered the wrong size and spoke with Julian about it and mailed it back. We will see how the RMA plays out.
I have confidence that it will be smooth.
Overall, i will recommend!