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Great product

Customer service I give them five stars had some issues at the beginning with sizes but I called and corrected my order and I'm very satisfied

Just A Good Product.

Hopefully, I'll never have to find out if this vest works, but wearing it on a regular basis: it's very comfortable, not as bulky as my Safelife Vest, and more concealable. Just one thing: For this vest, what size plate goes into the center pocket? I can't get a good, definite answer. Can you help me out in this regard?

Plate backer

It’s very comfortable in my level 3A vest I add it for extras protection.

4 T-Shirt Carriers
Brian Hagen
Customer satisfaction

I bought the All American Carrier..had a problem with which ballistic Shields I wanted and one phone call everything was straightened out and I'm very happy with my product I feel safe great company..will buy again

Very comfortable

Beats the typical style body armor, the armor doesn't shift around while wearing with this shirt. Gonna buy a couple more to interchange between washes


Best ever


Not bad for a freebie

Soft Armor Inserts
Gerald E Johnson
Soft body armor

The two orders, one for a carrier, the second for soft armor, arrived really fast by comparison to most things these days. Of course, I haven't tested the new armor, and don't intend to. I am placing my life in your hands, and based upon your word. Compared to my military experience with body armor, this is a dream to wear. I bought the lightest (and most expensive) version, but having the lightest possible load is very appealing to me, even if I have to pay a few (hundred) more dollars for it. I plan to get more, but am on a budget, so those buys are in the " whenI have the money" category.
Anyway, thanks. Exactly as advertised, quick delivery, and great fit. Hope the time never comes where I have to use it. Need more for everyone, and will slowly build the inventory.
Great service!
retired Marine


It's not a natural act to put on body armor on a daily basis. The VIP t-shirt definitely makes it bearable. The guys at body armor direct helped me get squared away with my order. I will always be grateful for their help and commitment to the safety of anyone who chooses them.

Side Plates Steel Set of 2
Marty Neiswender
Side plates

Very good value

Armor Carry Bag
Granville Clark
Carry bag

I love this bag it keeps it nice a clean.

Spike Inserts
Alfredo Ramos

Great fit wear it all the time at work


Good fit, good value, good price, fast shipment

Fit is great.I wore my vest 14 hours the first day and 13 hours the second day without issue

Customer service is great. I ordered a size too large because I did not look at the sizing chart.I email customer service and called to double check about the return process. Body Armor Direct called me back! Everything went very smoothly and very timely with the return. Customer service was very professional. I received a confirmation email of my return and email updates on the production of my new and correct size vest. In my line of work it is necessary to wear the vest inconspicuously. My colleagues and wife, upon multiple occasions and in public, did not notice that I was wearing the vest. I don't usually write reviews and people usually are quick to only write about what they don't like. I like my Multi-Threat Level Vest. I have begun telling my colleagues, friends and family about Body Armor Direct.

I Feel Confident and very well Protected

Im Glad I made The Choice in Ordering My Vip TShirt Vest ! It fits very well and is very comfortable and very concealable ! After my Brother Saw my Vest he ordered one ! I plan on ordering another vest very soon to have as a alternating backup ! And I highly recommend this vest to any law enforcement officer security guard or just your average Conceal and Carry Citizen Like Me ! You cant go wrong with this vest ! Buy It !

Highest review I can leave

It does what it says. #fatguyApproved

Lighter IIIA+ Ballistic Panels

I needed soft armor panels for my outer carrier, under my ceramic plates. Thankfully, you list the vest panel sizes, which allowed me to find the right size panels to fit. The panels were in stock and shipped quickly. They appear to be well made and should serve me very well. Thank you for listing the panel sizes!

All American Multi-Threat Vest. . .

Vest is comfortable to wear for long periods. It is lighter than the vest issued by the company. It is more flexible and conforms to the body without pushing out at the bottom. Overall, I am very pleased with this vest and would recommend it to my coworkers.

Just what I was looking for!

I've been looking for protective apparel for some time from various vendors. I've purchased from Body Armor Direct before and was impressed with their customer service and follow-up. For me the prices was right, the fit great, and the hidden nature of the protection perfect. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for less than obvious outer protective wear.

Holds it perfectly

Buy buy buy trust me

Bullet Pint Glass
Tyler Horne
Buy it ASAP

Perfect and it's truly what you want

Absolutely incredible

It's a must buy do not wait

Too comfortable

Love the vip,I can wear it all day and forget I have it on till I get home.and started changing.i love the way I feel secure with anything that comes ny way.always been prepared in this crazy world.thank you for keeping me safe.

Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA
Nice vest . Once side plates are available even more protection.
Great fit. Nice!

I have not had a reason to wear it . Pray that time doesn't come.
If it does this helmet fits nice. I like it better than the helmet I used in Vietnam.
I would recommend having one.