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Happy repeat customer

I couldn't decide which BDA body armor to buy, so I took one of each....well not quite, but I do have the VIP Concealable T-Shirt Multi-Threat Vest, the Sports Down Vest, the Advanced Plate Carrier with Cummerbund, Freedom Concealable Multi-Threat Vest, and Trauma Plates. Every item I've purchased from BDA has exceeded expectations and the quality of the products are what keeps me coming for more. That and the friendly service from a company founded by a Patriot that employs Patriots. Dave and his team are as fantastic as the merch the make and sell right here in the US of A!!
P.S. If you're wondering why I have so many pieces, well they're not just for me. I view body armor a lot like seat belts, you put them on hoping you never need them, and I want everyone in my family to have protection, even if they don't quite get why yet.

All American Multi-Threat Vest IIIA+

Business owner

Very comfortable

VIP Concealable T-Shirt Multi-Threat Vest

All Star Tactical Vest

Excellent American made product. I have some experience in sewing protective gear (owner of a US cut and sew manufacturing business). These vests use good materials and have solid workmanship. It's more important now than ever to buy American from good people. I'm convinced Dave doesn't sleep.

All Star Tactical Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest

Product quality

My vest looks good and fits well.

100% Satisfied Customer

I work for cable and go into bad neighborhoods and homes daily. My company doesn’t take our safety seriously. I purchased this body armor and I couldn’t be happier with the fit, comfort and peace of my mind knowing that if I get into a bad situation my chances of getting home to my son are greatly enhanced. I’m also very happy with the customer service; any time I’ve had a question or a concern they’ve been quick to respond. If you want a professional quality product from an American company that cares about their customers and appreciates the money spent on their products you cannot find a better company to do business with.

All American Multi-Threat Vest IIIA+

Well made vest

Nice quality vest, good fit. Should fit even better once broken in. I would certainly buy again

All American Multi-Threat Vest IIIA+

well constructed

The vest is everything as advertised. Price was definitely a value. I feel safe wearing it with its coverage and feel.

All American vest

Without having had to use the vest thusfar, I'm pleased to say that the fitment, comfort and degree of quality, and flexibility in the plate arrangements are exactly what I wanted. I would recommend this product and support another purchase in the future. Bill Christopher

Body armor review

Excellent quality and great customer service

Polyethylene Side Armor

Very comfortable. I feel well protected

It was just what I needed. As a big man it fits me nice.


Nice products

Mich ach helmet

It arrived quickly, surprisingly, when compared to other body armor types.
It adjusted well after several go rounds.
With the nij testing, I’m sure it will perform as described

Side Plates Steel Set of 2
Six family vests.

I am very satisfied these vests will help if ever needed.

Gift for my daughter and son in law.

Awesome protection thank you

Defender vest is fantastic.

I recently purchased this vest as a protection option for if every thing goes south, and I must say the quality is there. All of the stitching seams very heavy duty and built to last. The vest is easily adjustable to different body sizes. The molle webbing is a great way to attach spare magazines and a knife, or communications depending on your application. Overall I would highly recommend this vest with accompanying kevlar inserts and optional plates for any hairy situation you may find yourself in.


Great fit very Comfortable